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Jeff's World

Jeff Seidenfaden is the Pet Guy and has spent more than 35 years involved in pet care, pet adoption, and pet education.


​Jeff's work began in 1987 when he started working for a pet store in Louisville, Kentucky.  Although he learned a great deal about a variety of species, pet care and proper animal husbandry, Jeff knew there could be a better way.  A way that did not include the purchasing of puppies and kittens from breeding facilities.  A way that did not include destroying natural habitats to steal fish, birds and reptiles from the wild.  And a way that was environmentally conscious in regards to the ingredients and packaging of pet products.  Jeff's dream came true in 1993 when he opened his own pet store, Enviro Pet.


Enviro Pet was not like other pet stores. Instead of selling puppies and kittens, Enviro Pet was a satellite adoption center for local animal shelters.  All fish, birds and reptiles were bred in captivity, not taken from their natural habitats.  Only all natural pet care products were sold.  Although Enviro Pet closed after 7 years, over 6000 homeless dogs and cats were placed into new homes through the two Louisville area stores.  During the Enviro Pet years, Jeff also became a friend to the media.  Appearing weekly during "pet of the week" segments on local television news affiliates and on popular local radio stations, Jeff continued to have an outlet to place homeless animals and promote proper pet care.  He also spent nearly 15 years appearing on and hosting local television shows about pet care as well as writing a weekly newspaper column and hosting a radio call-in show.  Jeff currently sits on the board of directors for a Louisville area non-profit group that helps secure needed medical supplies for underfunded animal shelters and low-cost spay/neuter clinics.  Jeff's television co-host and companion of nearly 18 years, Max, passed away in January of 2014.

Max and Jeff 

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